Since before the state of Israel was formed until today, women have consistently played an active role in the defense of Israel and in the Israeli Defense Forces. Today, approximately 33% of all the IDF soldiers and 51% of its officers are women.

07.03.2007 השבוע עברו לוחמי פלוגת  החילוץ וההצלה ‘רותם’ של פיקוד העורף אשר מורכבת מלוחמים                ולוחמות אימון לפני לחימה במרכז הארץ.                                   צילום: אביר סולטן , דובר צה”ל.

Like men, women are required to serve in the Israeli army. Currently Israel is one of the only countries in the entire world that makes service in the military mandatory for women, a national requirement that is considered to be a cornerstone that reflects on the IDF as the nation’s army and one that the entire society is obliged to contribute to for the security of the country.


Although the roles that female soldiers served in after the formation of the State of Israel in 1948 were primarily traditional supportive roles, already in 1951 Yael Rom “earned her wings” and became the first female pilot trained by the Israeli Air Force. Since that time, women have become extremely active and significant soldiers in the IDF and the IAF, serving in both combat and non-combat roles. In 2014, 38 female soldiers graduated to become IAF pilots.

Half of the graduates are combat aviators — with 16 combat navigators, three combat pilots, seven helicopter pilots, and 12 cargo pilots and navigators, including a deputy squadron commander.




Today in the IDF, women hold a wide variety of positions and have proven themselves to be worthy of even the most demanding roles.

This article is a tribute to the truly outstanding women in the Israel Defense Forces and Israel Aviation Forces that have shown themselves to be worthy in every respect!

1. A female officer of the Haganah in the 1948 War of Independence

2. Female novices rifle shooting at a squad training camp in Zerifin in 1953

 3. Basic training at Training Camp 12, a training base for women soldiers, commanders and officers in 1968


4. Boot Camp for Women of the IDF in 1969

5. IDF women Soldiers on parade in Israel’s 30th Independence Day celebrations – 1978

 6. Female Combat Soldiers in training

 7. Infantry Instructors course

8. The Life of Female Field Intelligence Combat Soldiers


 9. First Female Pilot to Fly F-16I (Sufa) Aircraft, February 2008

10. Female soldiers graduating an officers training course

 11. Israel Defense Forces – Guns-n-Roses

 12. Enjoying a little shade under an IDF tank

13. Combat training in Israel


14. Field Training Week for Ground Forces

15. Women in the IDF

16. More and more IDF women soldiers are taking on combat roles

17. Female soldiers taking a break in the desert sun


18. Women soldiers of the IDF in action

19. Women’s affairs advisor practicing marksmanship skills with the guidance of a marksmanship instructor

20. Israeli soldiers


The tribute to the brave women of the Israel Defense Forces!




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