LED Grow Lights

S099D 45 x 3W Sunround LED Grow Light
LED Grow Lights Features:
Brand new sunround white ufo led grow light
3W leds,bridgelux and epistar chip
Effective light spectrum 430~760nmBest for growing stage and blooming stageBuilt-in air-circulation system

Products description

Sunround Series LED Grow LightPanel is perfect for plants to promote better growth. Effective light spectrum(430~760nm) bring proper wavelength that are beneficial to plants, best for both growing stage and blooming stage. The rates of photosynthesis can be increased dramatically, bring healthier and better harvest. The biggest advantage of sunround-series is that most of these grow lights are using 3W leds in the lights.This classical white LED panel plant light is extremely energy efficient paying for itself many times over each year in electricity savings.


Power: 45 x 3W
I/P Voltage:100-240V
Frequency: 50/60HZ
LED Qty: 45pcs x 3W LED

Beam Angle: 90 degree

Chip Brand: Bridgelux and Epistar
Lifetime: 50000Hrs
R/T: -20~+50℃
Product size(D x H): 270 x 65 (mm)
N/W: 2.80 kg
G/W: 3.00 kg


1. « Catalyst » of 2 stages                                                               
Best for both growing stage and blooming stage of plants. MH/HPS light with heavy external transformer,Different from the traditionalit uses built-in transformer of PF value over 97% efficiency.

2. High efficient LED transformer 
Different from the traditional

3. Customizable spectrum                                                           
1) Spectrum for both Growing stage and Blooming stage
2) Spectrum for only Growing stage
completely. Meanwhile it can   shorten the plant growth
3) Spectrum for only Blooming stag  period, takes fully use of light spectrum
absorbed by the plant .

4. Effective spectrums
Selecting proper wavelength
for plant photosynthesis andemit effective light
emit effective light,spectrum which can be  shorten the plant growth

Suitable for Hydroponic, Aeroponics, Horticulture, Greenhouse, Home Gardening, Farm, Flower Exhibition and etc.

SP153D 420W UFO LED Grow Light


Bon comme un citron bien rond !

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