Hamas Prime Minister Calls for Violence against Israel


In a speech last Saturday, October 19, Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh called for an end to peace negotiations with Israel, warning that “the heroes of the resistance are silently preparing themselves to liberate Palestine.”

Speaking from the Gaza Strip, Haniyeh called on Arabs and Muslims worldwide to prepare for the“big al-Aqsa Intifada” and warned of the “fire and rage” that Israel will soon endure.

Addressing Israel’s ongoing peace process with the Palestinians, Haniyeh stressed that Hamas would accept nothing less than the “restoration of all of Jerusalem and the establishment of a Palestinian state on the entirety of Palestinian soil, including the return of the refugees to their homeland.”

A pledge to kidnap IDF soldiers

Haniyeh’s speech marked the second anniversary of the release of Sergeant 1st Class Gilad Shalit. In October 2011, Israel freed over 1,000 Palestinian prisoners in exchange for SFC Shalit, who was kidnapped by Hamas terrorists in 2006. The terrorists abducted SFC Shalit by entering Israel through a Gaza smuggling tunnel. Earlier this month, the IDF uncovered the opening of a similar tunnel in Israeli territory. Every day, terrorists from Gaza plan attacks and kidnappings against Israeli soldiers and civilians.


Referring to SFC Shalit’s abduction, Haniyeh remarked that “the prisoner file remains open and will not close until all of the prisoners are released.” On Friday, a senior Hamas official said that the abduction of Shalit will not be the last, stressing that Israel could expect kidnappings in the future.


Haniyeh’s history of violent rhetoric

Saturday’s speech continues Haniyeh’s pattern of incendiary rhetoric, which calls for violence against Israel and a return to “all of Palestine.” In accordance with the position of the Hamas movement, Haniyeh refuses to recognize the existence of Israel.


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