WATCH: How Will Iran Spend Over $150 Billion?

How Iran Will Spend $150 Billion Thanks to Nuclear Deal

The next time someone tells you that Iran will use the money from the nuclear deal to support its economy and improve the country, make sure you show them this video.

Prior to the nuclear deal, Iran was suffering from crippling economic sanctions imposed by the P5+1 powers aimed at getting the Islamic Republic to suspend its uranium enrichment program.

Still, Iran managed to allocate funds in order to promote terror around the world, and especially against Israel.

Can you imagine what Iran will do another $150 billion?

Watch this video and see for yourselves.

WATCH: The US Army Veteran that Obama Doesn’t Want You to Hear


A wounded US Army veteran who was blown up by an Iranian bomb, describes first-hand the horrific barbarism coming from Iran and why US lawmakers must oppose the deal.

With the Iran deal coming to a vote soon, everyone must know what Iran has actually done. Did you know that Iran-supplied bombs have killed hundreds of American troops in Iraq?

A retired US staff sergeant describes how Iranian-backed fighters mercilessly executed children. He warns that every elected official politician who supports the Iran nuclear deal “will have blood on their hands.”

The Obama administration has admitted that sanctions relief will bring about more Iranian terror. What else needs to be said?

This frightening video must be seen.

Let’s make it go VIRAL!

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