People who use cannabis are well aware of the delicious effects that the plant has in the bedroom.
In the January 2016 issue of HIGH TIMES, we explore cannabis sexuality in “The Stoner Orgasm,” our cover feature. Contributor Sophie St. Thomas lays out a first-person narrative of how pot saved her sex life in “The Stoner Orgasm.”
But she also relies on top experts to confirm what all of us already know – sex on pot is fantastic!
Whether you suffer from PTSD, shyness, social anxiety, premature ejaculation or simply want to be more “in the moment,” cannabis has the capacity to both improve and enhance the sexual experience.

Adding to our obsession with sex in this issue, no-holds-barred columnist Dan Savage weighs in on how being high heightens sexual pleasure, while editor-at-large Nico Escondido takes matters a bit further, regaling us with “Sex in the Growroom,” an inside look at pot plants doin’ the wild thing.

We also cover Om, the all-women’s collective that grows great pot and turns out delicious edibles in its California kitchen. Plus, we visit the infamous “Tent City” prison in Arizona, courtesy of contributor Brian Penny.

The world of cannabis overflows with tales of our personal experience.
Some are of hope, enlightenment and even ecstasy; others tell of the terrible persecution that still afflicts our community.

It’s all in the January 2016 issue of HIGH TIMES. On sale now!


Rastafari Rootzfest is hosting the World Cannabis Cup in Negril. Doors opened yesterday with a rousing opening ceremony performed by the Rastafarian community.
Check out editor-in-chief Dan Skye’s opening day gallery of all the excitement happening right now!

News Hit

Police: At Least 60 Dead in Paris Attacks; Hostages Taken
At least 60 people were killed Friday in shootings and explosions around Paris, many of them in a popular concert hall where patrons were taken hostage, police and medical officials said. The series of attacks gripped the city in fear and recalled the horrors of the Charlie Hebdo carnage just 10 months ago.

New Jersey School Becomes First in the Nation to Allow Medical Marijuana
On the heels of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s signing of a bill allowing smokeless medical marijuana to be administered in schools, a facility in the southern portion of the state has reportedly devised a policy on the matter that will make them the first school in the United States to allow cannabis medicine on school property.

Fact: The DEA Is Spying on Your Instagram
The rise of the social network has made it more convenient for the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration to seek out illegal drug activity. The agency’s latest National Drug Threat Assessment Summary reveals that the DEA is currently gathered around a bunch of computers searching for photos posted to various social media sites and perusing drug-related hashtags in order to drum up leads on the next house to receive a complimentary shakedown courtesy of Uncle Sam.

International Report: Peru and Venezuela
Another massive marijuana raid is reported from Peru’s high Andean region of Áncash, which is quickly emerging as the country’s key cannabis cultivation zone.

NY Governor Cuomo Signs Emergency MMJ Bill, But Will It Actually Help?
Critically ill patients in New York do not technically have to wait until the full-scale medical marijuana program launches in January 2016 to get their hands on effective medicine. On Tuesday, Governor Andrew Cuomo put his signature on a couple pieces of legislation that will give patients suffering from treacherous, life-threatening ailments access to cannabis ahead of the program’s release date.


Over a half-century ago, the Lone Ranger was the top cowboy on TV. He always wore a mask.
Like Batman, he believed that his mask was more effective in fighting crime.
But the trimmer in our Top Hot Pot Shot of the Week is no crime fighter. And he’s no criminal either!
He’s just got allergies to the thick Northern California bud pollen wafting through the air as he trims.

We love this shot as a portrait of intense concentration. Trimming buds is an art! If a trimmer leaves a whole lot of lumber or destroys the nugs, the grower loses out – and the trimmer loses his job!
Congrats to this pot-ographer for shooting a tableau of the cannabis industry in progress.
He’ll receive a whole bunch of cool junk for his artistry. Got a similar cool shot? Send it our way!
We award prizes every week. Why not you?
Send us your winning entry today!


The first-ever HIGH TIMES Business Summit debuts in Washington D.C. December 14th-16th, 2015 at the Washington Hilton. Uniting the worlds of politics, entrepreneurship and medicine, the HIGH TIMES Business Summit 2015 will feature esteemed guest speakers and symposiums tailored to meet the needs of canna-businesses, policy makers and health care providers. The two-day conference is open to the public and features a groundbreaking educational program that spans the cannabis industry.

Speakers will include figures from politics, health care and business and include Ethan Nadelmann, Steve DeAngelo, Chris Hageseth, Keith Stroup, Dr. Peter Grinspoon and many others.
Plus, the conference will feature “breakout sessions,” where industry leaders can be queried personally about the world of cannabis. Be part of this momentous opportunity.

Check out for more information.


Iz from Om Grown Collective is back to explain how to pollinate plants.
Step into her beautiful Northern California garden and watch as she crosses her Blue Dream Sour Dog Big Bud with Cherry Sherbet. You can read all about Om Grown Collective in the January 2016 issue of HIGH TIMES –
on newsstands now! Or take a video tour of Om Grown here!


Pot & Sex – January 2016

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